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See what other people are saying about our Hillside Terrace apartments! At Hillside Terrace Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


So my family lived in this apartment for almost four years up until recently. It was one of the best living situations we have had ever in our lives from the service to the cleanliness to the way they resolved issues with the buildings IF ever any. My parents were made homeless in 2015 and slept in their car for a year before Ms Kim (manager at the apartment complex) opened her huge heart and doors to them. Ms Kim was very sweet and sympathized with my parents situation and really made them feel welcome and at home after moving in. We always were greeted with her smiling face whenever she walked through our portion of the complex and my mother loved chatting with her for long periods of time. My mom always used to stand in the porch and her and ms Kim would sit and talk, and I was grateful for that interaction they had because my mom would often talk about how lonely she was . My mother Kim Tabor passed away last year in august but before she did she would always look forward to her morning talk with Kim. If we needed something or had questions Kim was always around or ready to help us with whatever it was. She would walk around and clean up even though we had Excellent Maintenance service . I was very grateful to ms Kim for caring enough to spend those few moments with my mom because she could have just simply did her job and go home but she always made it a personal pleasant experience. She is kind and always goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy in your space. I would strongly recommend this apartments to any and all who are looking just based off of my personal experience with Kim and Hillside terrace apartments and my family will be forever grateful for the chance she took on taking my little family and our two tiny doggos in. Mrs Kim if you are reading this I'd just like to say thank you for everything g you did for us TRULY you were and are a blessing. - The Tabor/Byrant


I am sad to leave as this was not by choice. I enjoyed having Kim as our land lord. She has such a friendly and outgoing personality that always makes you...


J. C. And Kim are amazing, very professional and made my move in experience great when it is a very difficult time right now for my family and I appreciate it more than I can say


I lived at Hillside Terrace for several years and really enjoyed my stay. The apartment complex was pretty quiet, and maintenance came right when I called....



Just moved in, 100% recommend. Kim was amazing with working with me and the date I needed to move in! Definitely recommend if your looking for a place to...


Everything was handled quickly and professionally.


Kim and jc both were very kind my 2 years at the property


I love it here every time I needed maintenance to come over and fix some thing they have been here right away very very nice everyone in the office is nice so far so good And I appreciate everyone


I have experienced so far nothing but great things since I have lived here at Hillside Terrace! Kim has been amazing person since I been living her. She has helped me out on every problem that should occur . Also I have notice that Kim will do over and beyond for the residence. She would walk around the property making sure that it is clean and if there is anything that needs to be improvements she will be on top of it. Kim want's to make sure that the grounds is in shape for the residents. I just want to say "Kim" Thank You for everything you do for us. Kim your "AWSOME"!!!!!

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